Blancpain additions in 2011 consisted of updates to their classic models and contemporary models. For this year in review, we will take a look at their updated Villeret collection, two new models to their modern L-evolution collection and a new Saint-Valentin watch for ladies.The villeret, named after Blancpain s home village, is their most classic collection. 2011 saw some updates to it s look while still carrying it s tradition. A new visual element is the stamped flinque opaline dial in silver, on the 40mm red gold dial. You ll see a GMT second time zone dial, with very legible apertures for the date.  With such a clean face, you may not realize that this watch presents a first: a annual calendar and GMT combination with the local time linked to the local time. In all watches previously made with the annual calendar-GMT combo, the GMT timezone was linked to the calendar because of mechanical challenges. This extra effort by Blancpain has resulted in a much more function combination for those who value a calendar along with a second timezone.This variation of the Villeret also offer a new timezone innovation from Blancpain in the same classic package. This watch is the first to have an second timezone that s adjustable by half-a-hour. Considered very easy to use despite it s complications, only turns of the crown are needs to adjust the date, timezone and reference time. The small face at 12 0 clock is the reference time, which is connected to the day-night dial. The large dial is the the 30-minute adjustable timezone, which is connected to the date market at 6 o clock. A power-reserve is found at the 4 o clock. The case features the same stamped flinque opaline dial in silver, in a half-hunter 40mm case in rose gold. replica rolex watch value replica rolex watch value A complete contrast to the traditional look of the Villeret, you ll find Blaincpain s L-evolution collection with it s complex faces and exaggerated features.  The moon-like appearance of this 43.5mm white gold case and silvered and opaque dial is the perfect home for their new  moon phase movement, with a full calendar and large power reserve of eight days. The new movement, the largest of any moon phase, allows correction at any time of day or night, a exception among most similar watches. The partial opaque dial over-exposes the month and day wheels and moonphase. The dial around the moon counts the seconds, with the red-pronged hand counting the date.This variation of the L-evolution series features the same exagerated features rolex watch winders rolex watch winders, but with a large date indicator and flying tourbillon breitling replica swiss breitling replica swiss. The levels reveled in the partial skeletal dial use a variety of finishes to make them pop out. Note on the caseback, where the seven day power reserve placed, along with the rubber lining on the crocodile strap for extra comfort. This model is shown in rose gold.Saint-Valentin 2010Following last year s heart-shaped model, t 2011 s tribute to Valentine s Day returns to classic Blancpain styling. The usual features are toned down from prior Saint-Valentin models as well, using apertures instead of subdials, along with smaller numerals, hands and hearts. The white theme is used on a stainless steel case framed with 40 diamond on the bezel.  On the mother-of-pear face you ll find 9 more diamonds around the moonphase, day and month apertures and hour, minute and date hand. A small heart is found on the tip of the date hand, with a heart-shaped ruby at the top of the bezel. Being a gift for a special lady, it comes in an special package watches replica watches replica. Wrapped in a white nappa leather corset, it must be undone to reveal the lock.The key is found hidden in a small matching heart that accompanies it.For Luxury Bazaar s selection of 2011 Blancpain watches, please. For more featured watches from 2011, please visit:

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