You might play that piano piece, sing that song perfectly at home, but once you re about to get on stage, you suddenly feel like you never knew how to play a piano or sing in your life. Once stage fright hits, all sorts of uncomfortable things can happen. If you re a singer, you might struggle with and voice cracks. If you re playing an instrument, you might stroke the wrong key!Here are ways to avoid these fiascos. Weeks leading up to your performance, or even months if necessary, begin to play in front of people. Begin small with only one friend. Then add a couple more. Then play for a group of ten. michael kors black bag michael kors black bag If you can, have a small cocktail party to which you invite twenty or thirty people and pause everyone at some point to listen to you perform. It s important that you make an announcement that you re about to perform michael kors outlet bags michael kors outlet bags, rather than just performing background music as everyone drinks, eats and mingles. Unless everyone s eyes are on you, you don t really get the feeling of what it will be like to put on a real performance. Come the night of the real performance, try chatting with your audience before. If the setting allows you to socialize with the audience, go for it. Make jokes. Make friends. If you do this, then by the time you get up on stage, the audience doesn t feel like a large, intimidating and judgmental group of strangers but instead, like people who are on your side. This will help you feel much more relaxed. No matter what type of performer you are, learn some of the that are out there. These are incredibly relaxing and meditative for any musician prior to a performance. michael michael kors hamilton large tote michael michael kors hamilton large tote Now, as far as those moments go where you mess up by perhaps hitting the wrong note or forgetting what the next note is all together, different performers have different ways of dealing with this. Some make sure to always keep their eye sharply on the sheet music so that if they slip up, say they can t sing high notes all of a sudden or forget the words, they can swiftly jump to the next line without an awkward pause. Others rely completely on muscle memory michael kors crossbody michael kors crossbody. Piano players especially can train their fingers to remember a song so, even if in their mind they cannot visualize what exact note comes next, their fingers remember just what to do. Many performers also feel this makes their performance look more authentic michael kors bags michael kors bags, and allows them to put more feeling into it since they are not focused on their sheet music.

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